Their sacrifice has not been forgotten

On the 4th of August 1995, the Croatian Operation “Oluja” (Storm), an invasion of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, created the worst refugee crisis Europe has seen since World War II. In a few days, more than two hundred thousand Serbs, almost the entire population, fled their homes, and thousands of Serbian civilians lost their lives. The Serbs of Krajina, who had earned the right to their land through centuries of blood, sweat and tears shed defending Christian Europe, disappeared.

Their sacrifice has not been forgotten. On Sunday August 5 after the Liturgy at our Church a memorial Service will be served to all that have been killed in the last war in Krajina.

The Saint of Bailovo

“Pray to your Guardian Angel! He helps and prays to God for you!”

That’s what Grandpa Dobri told me when I saw him once in the narthex of the St. Alexander Nevsky Church. My friend Georgi  also wanted to meet him, and it happened in a marvelous way, again in the narthex of this largest church, whose largest donor was this old-fashioned grandpa.

He looks like he comes from another century, and he was from another age: from the future we all await. He is an example that we will never forget and gave advice that will be as carved on stone slabs in our hearts. Continue reading

Memorial Saturday

It will be your alms for them



Nobody is lazy in commemorating his own parents; but it is also necessary to commemorate all Orthodox Christians, and not only on this day, but at all times, in every prayer. We ourselves will be there, and will need this prayer like a poor person needs a piece of bread and a glass of water. Remember that prayer for those who have passed away is strong through its communality, in that it comes from the entire Church. The Church breathes prayer. Just as it is in nature, when during pregnancy a mother breathes and the strength she receives from this breath passes on to the child, so also in the order of grace, the Church breathes a prayer which is shared by all, and the power of the prayer passes on to those who have passed away, held in the Church, which is made up of the living and the dead, the militant and the triumphant. Do not be lazy—zealously commemorate all of our departed fathers and brothers whenever you pray. It will be your alms for them.

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year by St. Theophan the Recluse

Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Calgary


Dear parishioners,
As you already know, His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej will visit our Church in Calgary. Below is some important information regarding this visit:
1. His Holiness will arrive at Calgary airport on Saturday February 13 at 7:15 PM. Everyone is welcome to come and greet the Patriarch.
2. We are gathering at 9:00 AM on Sunday February 14 at our Church. Patriarch is arriving at 9:30 AM and Holy Liturgy is starting at 10:00 AM. Seven priests will be serving.
3. We are expecting a great number of parishioners that day and are asking if you can please arrive with your family in one car. South gate (by the lake) will be open for overflow parking. Please do not park on the street.
4. A lunch will be prepared for all parishioners after the Liturgy. Please share the space and let someone seat after you are done eating.
Welcome to your Church welcoming your Patriarch.

Board of Directors of Church-School Congregation,
father Obrad Filipovic

Schedule of Services for month of January 2016

Saturday, January 2- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (St. Ignatius of Antioch)
Sunday, January 3- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (Father’s Day)
Wednesday, January 6- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (Day before Christmas)
Wednesday, January 6- Vespers with the blessing of the Badnjak at 6:30 PM (Christmas Eve).
Thursday, January 7- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (Nativity of Jesus Christ-Christmas).
Friday, January 8- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos).
Saturday, January 9- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM. (St. Stephen, Archdeacon).
Sunday, January 10- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM
Thursday, January 14- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM. (Circumcision of Our Lord, St. Basil the Great, New Year).
Saturday, January 16- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM.
Sunday, January 17- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM.
Monday, January 18- Holy Liturgy with the Blessing of Water at 10 AM (Feast of the Holy Cross).
Tuesday, January 19- Holy Liturgy with the Great Blessing of Water at 10 AM (Theophany-Epiphany-Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ).
Wednesday, January 20- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (Synaxsis of St. John, Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist).
Saturday, January 23- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM.
Sunday, January 24- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (St. Sava Celebration)
Wednesday, January 27- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM (St. Sava)
Saturday, January 30- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM
Sunday, January 31- Holy Liturgy at 10 AM

In our Holy Church Holy Liturgy is served every Saturday, Sunday and on great feast days (those days are written in red letters in the calendar) beginning at 10 AM.
A service to Saint John of San Francisco is served every Wednesday evening at 6PM.
Every Saturday (except if a great Holiday falls on Saturday) Holy Liturgy is served in English language.