Sisters Circle

The Circle of Serbian Sisters was founded back in 1960 before the Church and the Parish Council were established. Members of this active group were the first initiators and pillars of our Church-School Congregation.

1274095_693209020707393_197710630_o[1]Our slava or Annual Patronal Feast Day is the Birth of the Most Holy Theotokos, which is celebrated on September 21 (corresponding to Sept. 8 in the Church calendar).

At present, the Circle of Serbian Sisters in Calgary consists of 34 members who voluntarily donate their time, love and talent for the benefit of our parish. These exemplary and devoted people are the backbone and support for the survival and future prosperity of our growing community.

Our mission is to support and help our parish and all organizations that contribute to the well-being and preservation of our Holy Orthodox Church.10614220_508733075928622_3497710055038519640_n[1]

With motherly care and love we strive to preserve the Serbian tradition of hospitality welcoming the faithful every Sunday and on feast days. We also host many distinguished guests from across Canada and from back home. Sisters’ consistent fundraising initiatives have helped in the process of building our new Church.

Our group works selflessly and tirelessly since its foundation. We hope that these efforts will be rewarded with the love of God. All our activities are interwoven in the life of our Holy Church and with God’s help, it will continue to be this way in the future when a new generation will take this blessed burden from our grandmothers, mothers and sisters.

All parish women are encouraged and welcome to join us! We look forward to having you in the Circle of Serbian Sisters.