Service Registrations

We are setting up a Christmas Church service schedule, so we can ensure we follow all AHS recommendations for Church Services.  We can not allow more than 33% of our Fire Code occupancy, so we are setting up a schedule with multiple services options on Eventbrite. On January 6, the Church will be open all day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (the time between 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM is reserved for personal visits and registration is not necessary) Registration is necessary to attend any of the Services. January 7, the Church will be open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 and registration is necessary to attend the Service at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. 

To ensure social distancing protocols, we ask that everyone follows the below instructions:

1) If you, or anyone in your household are feeling sick or unwell in any way, please do not come to Church.

2) Everyone MUST wear a mask.

3) When you arrive at the Church please stay in your vehicle until your scheduled time slot.

4) Please keep 6 feet of distance between other families and do not shake hands. Use the hand sanitizer available before and after the services. You must leave the church before the next time slot begins, so we can prepare for the next scheduled time slot.

5) Please follow the instructions of the volunteers.

Appeal for help

Dear Parishioners, Glory to the Lord:

In recent years we have witnessed and participated in major events in our community in Calgary; The purchase of the new land, construction of our Church and the completion of the landscape surrounding the Church. We believe that each of you is proud of what has been accomplished. Continue reading

God heals His obedient and humble servants

Whoever approaches the Lord Jesus Christ with obedience and humility will never want to be separated from Him. The beginning exercises of the newly-recruited army of Christ are the exercises of obedience and humility.

With obedience begins a new world, a new creature, a new mankind. The old world trampled upon obedience to God and humility before God, and thus destroyed the bridge between earth and heaven. The spiritual building materials for restoring this bridge are first of all, obedience and humility. As long as Adam was rich in obedience and humility, he could hardly introduce a difference between his own spirit and the Spirit of God, between his own will and the will of God, between his own thoughts and the thoughts of God. He could not feel, want, and think anything that could not have been in God and from God. Like the angels of God, so too did Adam stand in direct proximity to God, and because of this direct proximity he contemplated the Primary Source of light, wisdom, and love. Living within the sun itself, he had no need to light any candle of his own. His candle would not have burned or given off light within the sun.

But when Adam violated obedience and lost humility—and these are always lost or acquired at the same time—then his direct communion with God was broken, the bridge destroyed, and he fell into terrible darkness and rotten dankness, which he was forced to light up with his own candle given to him nevertheless by God’s mercy when God’s righteousness cast him out of Paradise. Then he not only began to feel the difference between himself and God, between his own will and God’s will, his own feeling and God’s feelings, his own thoughts and God’s thoughts—he not only began to be aware of the difference, but only in rare hours of enlightenment was just barely able to notice his own divine likeness.

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To break away from the Church is unforgiveable sin

Saint Laurence of Chernigov said that during ‘the little freedom’ (which we now know to be the period since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and which continues to this day – Ed.), ‘churches and monasteries will open and be restored. But all kinds of false teachings will appear, through demons and secret atheists (catholics, Uniats, self-consecrated Ukrainian schismatics). These will join the battle against the Russian Orthodox Church and her unity and sobornost in the Ukraine. The schismatics will be supported by an atheist government.

‘We must resist the invasion of ‘the civilized world’, that is, dark demonic forces, which will try and penetrate into spiritually undefended areas. They will seize church buildings from the Orthodox and beat up the faithful. Then the Metropolitan of Kiev (unworthy of his name) with his supporting clergy will shake the Russian Church to the foundations. The whole world will be astonished at his iniquity and stand in fear. But he will go to eternal perdition like Judas. All these assaults of the evil one and false teachings will disappear in Russia and there will be One Orthodox Church of All Rus’.

‘Kiev, without the great Russia and separate from it, is anyway completely unthinkable. Kiev has never had a Patriarch. Our enemies in Poland so much disliked the word ‘Rus’ that they changed the name of this area to Little Russia and then to ‘the Ukraine’ (meaning ‘the borderlands’), so that we will forget the name Rus and so forever be torn away from Orthodox Holy Rus. In those who have erred or fallen away from Orthodoxy there is no grace of the Holy Spirit, salvation or obtaining of the Kingdom of Heaven’.

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Because of “OCU” the events of 1054 may repeat

Kyiv, September 7, 2021

According to Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP) further recognizing of OCU – the structure created by Phanar – may cause a split in Local Orthodox Churches, similar to the events of 1054, when the Roman church separated from the Eastern Orthodox Church*. Further recognition of OCU will have consequences not only for Ukraine and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but also for world Orthodoxy.

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Vaccination against coronavirus must be voluntary

According to the chancellor of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony, while the question of vaccination is not a religious issue,the Church has the following principles regarding it:

First, any vaccination – against coronavirus or other diseases – must be voluntary. A person has the right to refuse it, and Ukrainian legislation law provides for such a possibility, but at the same time everyone “must realize their responsibility for the state of their health and the health of their family.”

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Archim. Raphael Karelin on COVID-19 and vaccines

Sickness, like all other tribulations, even if it is caused by demons, Lord permits as a call for our repentance and change. But this does not mean that we should not take reasonable precautions and treat viral and other diseases.

However, it should be noted that antiviral vaccines are still being tested and monitored. From a medical point of view, each vaccine must go through a trial period during which possible side effects are revealed. This principle is currently not observed.

Therefore, if there is no urgent need, it is better to wait until the issue is clarified.

This does not apply to those vaccines that include abortion material – they are totally unacceptable.

Archim. Raphael Karelin

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Holy and Great Friday

It was the sight we now commemorate in the present Church service, and behold in the sacred Image before our eyes. The sight was the Son of God, Who came down from the heavens, became man for the salvation of the human race, and was mocked and scourged by men.

What feeling, if not that of horror, should wholly envelope the heart at this sight? What state, if not a state of absolute bewilderment, should be our state of mind? What word could be pronounced at this sight? Does not every human word die upon the lips, before it can even proceed from the lips?

All those who came to this sight, beholding the things which were done, smote their breasts, and returned.

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov