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Dear Parishioners, Glory to the Lord:

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The covenant which the Serb people made with God

Fr Justin (Popovic) of Chelije writes:

Holy martyr king Lazar Saint Sava’s ideal and plan for his whole nation was: ‘Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing.’ No one has ever realized this ideal and plan to such a full extent as the holy and great martyr, Tsar Lazar. He brought it about for his whole nation when he decided in favor of the Heavenly Kingdom and offered up himself as a sacrifice on the field of Kosovo, together with the whole Serbian people. He did this from the purely evangelic reasons recorded in our folk epic:

‘The earthly kingdom lasts only for a brief time,
But the heavenly kingdom always and forever.’

“We die with Christ, to live forever”, he told his soldiers. That Kosovo’s declaration and testament is regarded as the covenant which the Serb people made with God – and sealed with martyrs’ blood. Since then all Serbs faithful to that Testament regard themselves as the people of God, Christ’s New Testament nation, heavenly Serbia, part of God’s New Israel.

Source: “The Mystery and the Meaning of the Battle of Kosovo”

9 councils of St. Alexey (Mechev) of Moscow

1) If you want to live a spiritual life, you should look after yourself. Every evening look at the good and bad things you did that day. Thank God for the good, repent in the bad.

2) When someone is praising you but you know that you have disadvantages, then this praising must be like a stab in your heart and must foster your desire to improve yourself.

3) Less philosophizing, more doing. In our life, we already devote too much time to the former at the expense of the latter.

4) Be especially careful with your impure thoughts.

5) If you feel any tendency to sin, make two prostrations to the Mother of God with prayer: “O Holy Theotokos, by the prayers of my parents, save me, a sinner”. The spirit of your parents will unite with yours in your prayer.

6) One must read Holy Gospel carefully.

7) Since the Lord’s prayer is the shortened Gospel, one must prepare properly to reading it.

8) When you are fasting with your body, do not forget to fast with your spirit. Do not be insolent, especially with those who are older than you are. This fast will be much higher than the fast of the body.

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Constant cheerfulness

Our whole modern outlook is to look below to find the causes, the secondary causes. The whole Christian outlook is to look above, and that is why such people as St. Gregory as we can see by reading their writings and their lives—are constantly cheerful. This does not mean that they are overly happy, but rather that they are in a state of deep happiness, because they are constantly looking above and keeping in mind, with determination and constancy, to get to a certain place, which is heaven, and thus they see all the details in the world in that light. If what they see has to do with evil, with the nets of demons, with worldliness, with boredom, with discouragement, or just with ordinary details of living, all that is secondary and is never allowed to be first. In fact, we are told by the Holy Fathers that we are supposed to see in everything something for our salvation. If you can do that, you can be saved.

In a pedestrian way, you can look at something like a printing press which does not operate. You are standing around and enjoying yourself, watching nice, clean, good pages come out printed, which gives a very nice sense of satisfaction, and you are dreaming of missionary activity, of spreading more copies around to a lot of different countries. But in a while it begins to torture you, it begins to shoot pages right and left. The pages begin to stick and to tear each other on top. You see that all those extra copies you made are vanishing, destroying each other, and in the end you are so tense that all you can do is sort of stand there and say the Jesus Prayer as you try to make everything come out all right. Although that does not fill one with a sense of satisfaction (as would watching the nice, clean copies come out automatically), spiritually it probably does a great deal more, because it makes you tense and gives you the chance to struggle. But if instead of that you just get so discouraged that you smash the machine, then you have lost the battle. The battle is not how many copies per hour come out: the battle is what your soul is doing. If your soul can be saving itself and producing words which can save others, all the better; but if you are producing words which can save others and are all the time destroying your own soul, it’s not so good.

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Filaret-esque practice: UOC comments on OCU’s claims to the Lavra

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church responded to the OCU’s intention to establish a new “monastery”.

The Legal Department of the UOC commented on the decision of the “synod” of the OCU dated May 23, 2022, which created a religious organization with the name “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” and filed a petition to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to transfer one of the temples of the Upper Lavra to the use of the OCU. The text of the commentary is published by the Information and Education Department of the UOC.

“By its decision to establish the ‘OCU’ monastery in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the ‘Synod of the OCU’ actually duplicates the name of the UOC monastery that currently operates in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Also, this decision is further proof to the predatory policy of church looting at the level of the ‘Holy Synod of the OCU’, which was put in place since the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and consists in the illegal seizure of temples and religious organizations belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The practice of creating parallel church structures with a similar or identical name was launched under Filaret (Denisenko) with the aim of raider seizure of the property of religious communities,” the commentary says.

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Patriarch Pavle : On Guilelessness and Wisdom

To be truly human in this world is really the same as being a sheep among wolves, for the whole world lieth in wickedness (1 Jn. 5:19). I again say to you, remember: A sheep among wolves is subject to danger from two sides. Firstly, the wolves can tear him apart. But this is in the hands of God. And secondly, a sheep can decide that when you’re surrounded by wolves there is no other way to survive than to become like a wolf, sharpen your teeth, learn how to howl, exchange your hooves for claws, and so from a sheep turn into a wolf. Christ did not send us for this, but so that by our faith and life in the faith we might attract wolves into becoming Christ’s sheep, if they want to.

Christ tells us how to be saved from both of these dangers: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves (Matt. 10:16). Wisdom will save you from being torn apart, and simplicity and guilelessness will prevent you from becoming a wolf. On the other hand, this means that we can develop our mental capabilities more and more, to infinity—but under the condition that along with this we would also develop in ourselves kindness, which will give us balance. A man in this world looks at all the same things as do thousands of eyes, and the flies, and the bees… But with our mind we can see what they do not see—the inner spiritual world and eternity.

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What happens when we spend a day without reading spiritual texts

Again, in everything one must be looking upward, and not downward, at the kingdom of heaven and not down at the details of earthly life. That is, the details of earthly life must be second, and this looking upward must be with zeal, determination and constancy. Constancy is something which is worked out by a spiritual regime based upon wisdom handed down from the Holy Fathers—not mere obedience to tradition for tradition’s sake, but rather a conscious assimilation of what wise men in God have seen and written down. On the outward side, this constancy is worked out by a little prayer, and we have this basic little prayer in the church services which have come down to us. Of course in different places they are performed according to one’s strength, more or less.

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Homily on Thomas Sunday

After the forty days of Great Lent we enter into a new forty-day period, but of an absolutely different nature. Then we mourned over our sins and confessed our weaknesses, humbling ourselves with fasting and abstinence. In everything we were as ones guilty, begging for mercy and the remission of sins.

The new forty-day period, beginning with the radiant Resurrection of Jesus Christ, has put us in this new bright state of a Christian freed from condemnation, resurrected for the new holy life, and confident in the everlasting blessedness granted to him in eternity.

There we saw a model for us in our Lord: How, entering into the work of saving the human race, He spent forty days in the strictest fasting, in solitary prayer, and in the struggle against the invisible enemy.

Here we see the same Lord appearing to His disciples for forty days, but we see Him glorified, victorious, and triumphant over all enemies. These repeated appearances of the Lord to His disciples after His Resurrection are so comforting to us. All of them testify to the Lord’s very great love for those who believe in Him.

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Schedule of Services

Below is a schedule of Services for next 2 weeks.

1. Saturday April 16 Holy Liturgy at 10:00 AM.

2. Sunday April 17 Holy Liturgy at 10:00 AM.

3. Wednesday April 20 Akathist at 6:00 PM

4. Thursday April 21 Holy Liturgy at 10:00 AM

5. Thursday April 21 Evening Service at 6:00 PM

6. Friday April 22 Evening Service at 6:00 PM

7. Saturday April 23 Holy Liturgy at 10:00 AM

8. Sunday April 24 Holy Liturgy at 10:00 AM

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