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Dear Parishioners, Glory to the Lord:

In recent years we have witnessed and participated in major events in our community in Calgary; The purchase of the new land, construction of our Church and the completion of the landscape surrounding the Church. We believe that each of you is proud of what has been accomplished. Continue reading

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy spoke about the importance of patient prayer

“That prayer with which Joachim and Anna asked God for the Blessed Virgin Mary lasted almost 50 years – with patience, with hope, – said Metropolitan Onufriy . – They had already become elderly, and, of course, there are laws of nature, there is a certain age when people can no longer give birth to children. But they… prayed to God, and God listened to their prayer”.

He noted that “from this holy story we learn how to pray.”

“We pray, we ask God for something, and sometimes God gives it to us immediately, or sometimes after a certain period, or at other times we can’t wait and give up praying. Prayer, if we ask God for what is useful for salvation and not for perdition, is always fulfilled by God. But the greater the gift we ask from God, the more patient the prayer should be,” the Primate explained.

According to him, “prayer is spiritual gold; a person today may not have anything worthwhile, but he will pray, and tomorrow he may receive very much.”

“May the Lord help us, give us courage, so that our prayers, which we offer to God, are done with patience and humility. These are the two virtues that make prayer strong. The more a person humbles himself before God, the stronger his prayer is, and the more a person prays patiently, the greater the gift he can ask God for,” His Beatitude noted.


My Father Saw Heaven and hell

For a child, there’s no such thing as bad parents, and for parents—bad children. Our father and mother had nine of us, but the Lord took one of us away from this life during infancy. We had a Christian upbringing and had a very religious mother and grandmother on my mother’s side. However, our father was a Protestant. Although we were born in such a family, all of us were baptized in the Orthodox Church eight days after our birth. Our father never forbade us to go to church, although he himself only prayed the “Our Father” and never made the sign of the cross. He was strict in our upbringing and always said, “One that’s been caned is worth two that haven’t”. We would also remember the following words that he used to say: “I’d rather endure pain once than be ashamed of my children for the rest of my life.”

When I was about sixteen or seventeen years old and was in high school, then, out of interest, I visited some Protestant congregations a few times. I wanted to understand their perception of the faith, what kind of spiritual state they were in, and what they do during their so-called services. But there I saw the absurdity and emptiness of these people. Truly: This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me (Mt. 15:8). If a person pulls out the bricks holding together his house, it will surely fall. The same happens when people abolish the dogmas of the Church, the structure of the services, the Holy Tradition of the Church and the Apostles.

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Metropolitan Jovan Enthroned as Metropolitan of Kruševo-Demir Hisar

Macedonian and Serbian hierarchs concelebrated on September 3, 2023 the Divine Liturgy and enthronement of His Eminence Metropolitan Jovan as the ruling hierarch of the newly created Diocese of Kruševo and Demir Hisar in North Macedonia.

The Liturgy, in which Met. Jovan was joined by Their Eminences Metropolitan Petar of Prespa and Grigorij of Kumanovo, and Their Graces Bishop Joachim of Deljadro, Marko of Del?evo, David of Dremvit, Kliment of Heraklej, and Jacob of Stobi of the Macedonian Church, and His Eminence Metropolitan Joanikije of Montenegro and His Grace Bishop Pachomije of Vranje of the Serbian Church, was celebrated in the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kruševo, reports

At the end of the Liturgy, Met. Petar of Prespa served the rite of enthronement of Met. Jovan. The newly enthroned hierarch then offered a sermon about life in eternity as “constant communion, without division, without schism, without self-satisfaction.”

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I cannot describe to you how much our Panagia likes chastity and purity

– I cannot describe to you how much our Panagia likes chastity and purity. Since she is the only pure Virgin, she wants and loves everyone to be like that. As soon as we cry out to her she rushes to our help. You don’t even finish saying, “All Holy Theotokos, help me!” and at once, like lightning, she shines through the nous and fills the heart with illumination. She draws the nous to prayer and the heart to love. Many times the entire night passes in tears and sweet cries, singing praises to her and especially to Him Whom she carried.

– Embrace in your arms the icon of the Panagia as if she were alive, as you embraced your dear mother when you were little. Tell her all your pain, wet her icon with your pure tears, then you will derive consistent consolation. She will intercede with her Son, Who is so good, Who loves the good, has mercy on the bad, and forgives repenting sinners. He will open the noetic eyes of your soul and fill your heart with love and divine eros. And then your eyes will become two fountains of tears.

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They will take the world away from Christ

Archimandrite Lazar Abashidze (+August 17, 2018)

The last Christianity will take from the ancient only a shell, the content will be imperceptibly replaced by a new spirit, a different lifestyle, way of thinking and other values.

Secularized Christianity, with its wings cut off, is not only not scary for the devil, but also will serve him: after all, the antichrist will impersonate Christ, the Messiah, the God-man.

The devil, preparing the way for the antichrist, will be interested in spreading secularized, lifeless, formal Christianity throughout the world, and even all religions will try to “make friends” with him.

All religions recognize their “spiritual kinship” with Christianity, and even will admire the height of his teachings, the sanctity of his moral requirements, the beauty of his symbolism, etc.

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Archimandrite Cherubim Karambelas (1926-1979)

In the beginning of August 1938, the steamer “Samos”, carrying out the dull itinerary of Piraeus-Alexandroupolis-Kavala-Thessaloniki, reaches Daphne, the small port of Mount Athos. Among the few passengers to disembark is eighteen-year old George Karambelas from the village Constantines of Messinia.

The only son of the suffered widow Dimitra (†1973), who had lost her husband Michael (†1921) in the Asia Minor front of Greece’s war on Turkey only two years after her marriage, left his mother and his home in Piraeus behind to live as a monk in the Garden of Virgin Mary, “between heaven and earth”.

Following a brief pilgrimage in the blessed Athonite land, he decided to join a Kalyva (dwelling) in St. Anne’s Skete, that of the Nativity of the Mother of God. There leading the ascetic life were the austere elder Gregory, former army officer, hieromonk Joachim along with monks Stephen, Paisius and Gregory.

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Measure seven times, cut once

In his mentorship as an elder, father Alexei (Mechev) always led the person, under his guidance, to spiritual struggle, in other words, to the hardest and most-important. But everything hard begins with the easy. The external spiritual struggle is necessary, even the smallest. It trains the strength of will, without which any struggle, even more a spiritual one, is impossible. But before that a person has to evaluate his strength and possibilities carefully: “Measure seven times – he said – cut once”. But if you have decided something, you have to do it to the end. Otherwise you won‘t accomplish your goal. For example the prayer rule may not be big, but it has to be done necessarily, no matter tiredness, busyness and other impediments.

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No Prayer, my children, gets lost

“No Prayer, my children, gets lost.” – Saint Iakovos Tsalikis of Evia

“As often as I have Prayed with faith, God has always heard me and fulfilled my Prayers.“ – Saint John of Kronstadt

“God always helps. He always comes in time, but patience is necessary. He hears us immediately when we cry out to Him, but not in accordance with our own way of thinking.“ – Saint Joseph the Hesychast

The prayer rule of St. Seraphim of Sarov

St. Seraphim of Sarov taught everyone the following rule of prayer:

Upon rising from sleep, let each Christian, standing before the holy icons, read the prayer “Our Father” thrice, in honor of the Most Holy Trinity. Then the song of the Mother of God: “Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos Mary, full of grace…” also thrice. In conclusion the Creed: “I believe…” — once. Completing such a rule, let each Orthodox engage in his duties, to which he is assigned or called. During his work at home or along the way anywhere he should quietly read “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, a sinner,” but if others surround him, then, while busy with his duties, let him only say in his mind “Lord, have mercy,” — and thus until lunch. Right before lunch let him repeat the morning rule. After lunch, busy with his work, let every Christian read just as quietly: “Most Holy Mother of God, save me, a sinner.” When preparing for sleep, let every Christian again read the morning rule, i.e., “Our Father” thrice, “Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos Mary” thrice and once “I believe.”

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