Holy and Great Friday. The Crucifixion of Christ the Lord

We are redeemed by the great sufferings on the cross of Christ the Savior. Through baptism, we have entered the Church of Christ. But if we are not true Christians in life, our baptism does not give us the right to eternal blessed life in the Kingdom of God. And so may the Cross of Christ, before which we pray during Great Lent, not only remind us about the events of almost 2,000 years ago, but let it also instill in us the sincere desire to live without wounding again the Lord Who suffered for us. And may the Lord, seeing the sincerity of our good intention, strengthen us on this path of His all-powerful grace.

Archimandrite Jovan (Krestjankin)


Fresco in Vysoki Decani Monastery, Serbia. 14th c.